An Islamic Perspective of Marketing

  • K. M. Anwarul Islam Department of Business Administration, The Millennium University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Orobah Ali Barghouthi Faculty of Business and Economics, Department of Banking & Finance, Alquds University,Abu Dis, Palestine
Keywords: Marketing, Ethics, Islamic Perspective.


The point of this paper was happened to think about whether there is anything, for example, "Islamic showcasing." Her argu¬ment began from the thought of inefficient use/lavishness in Islam: "Israf." She offered her clarification on how promoting today (which basically is contemporary advertising) centers on commercialization and "cre¬ating a need." The Webster's lexicon characterizes industrialism as "the concept that a regularly extending utilization of merchandise is favorable to the economy" which in Islam is "excess/Israf," and is profoundly dismissed. Just in this way, on the off chance that promoting depends on commercialization, quite a bit of what she said is genuinely like how individuals see the presence of Islamic advertising as an idea. To an expansive degree, this couldn't be opposing this idea.

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Islam, K. M. A., & Barghouthi, O. A. (2017). An Islamic Perspective of Marketing. International Journal of Islamic Business & Management, 1(1), 17-19.
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