Business Ethics: An Islamic Perspective

  • K. M. Anwarul Islam Department of Business Administration, The Millennium University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Md. Rezaul Karim Miajee Department of Business Administration, the Millennium University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Keywords: Islamic Principles, Business Ethics, Islamic Perspective.


The point of this paper was "Morals—The Islamic Perspective" is to pre-sent the moral strategy for directors from an Islamic viewpoint.In the advanced world, the western/contemporary school of thought presents different ideas to cover business morals that don't really apply to qualities, ethics, and morals as communicated through the Islamic focal point.

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Islam, K. M. A., & Karim Miajee, M. R. (2017). Business Ethics: An Islamic Perspective. International Journal of Islamic Business & Management, 1(1), 7-9.
Research Paper/Theoretical Paper/Review Paper/Short Communication Paper