Waiver Policy
CRIBFR Journals may grants waivers to some authors who are unable to afford manuscript handling fee. Authors who wish to apply for waivers must demonstrate their inability to afford the manuscript handling fee.At CRIBFR Journals, we understand that some institutions may have limited funding for their research activities. Thus, we have instituted a generous waiver system that may ease the payment of the manuscript handling fee when their researchers choose to publish their manuscripts in any of our journals. Our primary goal as stated in our mission is to accelerate the dissemination of knowledge through the publication of high quality research articles. We are continually pursuing this goal, without putting undue financial burden on researchers or their institutions. Hence, we have instituted the following waiver policy.
Waiver Application Process
The mission of CRIBFB is to provide the worldwide community with a platform for the innovative research and advancements in Business and all the disciplines.
  • Author(s) requesting for a waiver must strongly demonstrate why their waiver applications should be granted.
  • Request for a waiver must be sent same day a manuscript is submitted.
  • Waiver request should contain the following information
    • Manuscript number
    • Manuscript title
    • Corresponding Author Affiliation and Country
    • List co-author(s) Affiliation(s) and Country
    • Reason for requesting a waiver
CRIBFR Journals reserve the right to approve or reject a waiver application. Waiver decision will be communicated to the corresponding author within one week after the application is received.
Request for a waiver must be sent to the Accounts Unit same day a manuscript is submitted.
Please send your application for waiver to

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