The Global Lakou World-System

  • Paul C. Mocombe The Mocombeian Foundation, Inc., West Virginia State University, USA
Keywords: Haitian Epistemology, Haitian Idealism, Vilokan Idealism, Vodou Ethic and The Spirit of Communism, Religiosity, Black Diaspora, Dialectical; Anti-Dialectical, Phenomenological Structuralism, Lakouism, The Protestant Ethic and The Spirit of Capitalism.


This work highlights the Haitian sociopolitical economic organization, Lakous, as a form of libertarian communism that must be vertically integrated at the nation-state level so that people can experience total freedom from capitalist relations of production.  I conclude the work by extrapolating the lakou system to the world-system level in order to offer it as an alternative to the Protestant capitalist world-system, which threatens all life on earth.



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