Citation Reports
CRIBFB Journals try its best effort for selecting good quality paper to achieve high impact factor. CRIBFB Journals published paper cited highly due to open access publication era and its worldwide indexing. CRIBFB Journals paper citation is increasing day by day. So it is very difficult to calculate exact citation report. But approx citation report is as follows (it may be vary because it depends on citation of papers):
  1. Asian Finance & Banking Review (AFBR): 85%
  2. American Economic & Social Review (AESR): 92%
  3. American Finance & Banking Review (AFBR): 93%
  4. American International Journal of Social Science Research (AIJSSR):96%
  5. American International Journal of Multidisciplinary Scientific Research (AIJMSR): 89%
  6. Australian Finance & Banking Review (AFBR): 88%
  7. International Journal of Islamic Banking and Finance Research (IJIBFR): 90%
  8. International Journal of Marketing Research Innovation (IJMRI): 81%
  9. International Journal of Business and Management Future (IJBMF): 84%
  10. International Journal of Islamic Business & Management (IJIBM): 92%
  11. International Journal of Accounting & Finance Review (IJAFR): 90%
  12. Indian Journal of Finance and Banking(IJFB): 72%
  13. International Journal of Small and Medium Enterprises(IJSMEs): 86%
  14. International Journal of Shari'ah and Corporate Governance Research (IJSCGR): 80%

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