The Critical Appraisal of Limited North European Corporate Governance Standards after Global Crisis, Corporate Scandals and Market Manipulation

  • Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy Binh Duong University, Binh Duong,Viet Nam, (Graduate School of International Management, International University of Japan, Niigata, Japan)
Keywords: Corporate Governance Standards; Board Structure; Code of Best Practice; Financial Crisis; Corporate Scandals; Market Manipulation; Internal Audit.


This paper mainly analyzes principles and standards of some international and North European corporate governance frameworks which are issued during or after the global crisis.First, it looks at the United Nation Good corporate governance practices and analyzes its strengths and impacts on corporate governance model of a company.Second, it compared the UN standards to generally accepted governance standards of Sovereign Wealth Funds. The paper finds out that during the global crisis time 207-2008, despite taking care of risk management, there still lacks of certain governance standards in these 2 Codes. Then, it analyzes some relative good corporate governance standards in a few North European countries including: Norway and Finland.Third, this paper provides with a short summary of evaluation of these above 2 corporate governance principles in 2 groups which can enable corporations tocompare to their current codes.Last but not least, it aims to realize a limited general set of standards of corporate governance and give proper recommendations to relevant governments and organizations. Additionally, it includes a section for recommending corporate governance for developing countries including Viet Nam.


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