Analytical Review of Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Financial Performance of Some Firms from Within and Outside Nigeria

  • Abdulrahman S Department of Accounting, Faculty of Social and Management Sciences, Bauchi State University, Nigeria
Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Corporate Financial Performance (CFP), Content Analysis, Stakeholders Theory, Shareholders Theory, Judgmental Sampling.


This study analyzed the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of firms with their Corporate Financial Performance (CFP) based on contextual content analysis. The study forge ahead to compare the outcomes of various conceptual and empirical studies that deals with CSR and CFP from within and outside the domicile of Nigeria. The findings from the previous studies showed conflicting results or outputs (i.e. many positive outcomes, some negative results while very few showed neutral relationship between CSR and CFP of firms). Therefore, this study is of the opinion that there is a positive cordiality between CSR and CFP because more than 50% of the authorities/scholars in the field proved it conceptually and empirically that there is positive relationship among the two concepts (i.e. CSR and CFP). As such, the issue of CSR should be given a more consideration by all the parties to it (i.e. Employees, Employers, Government, Researchers, Management and the Public at large). Since, it yields positive impact to the CFP of Firms as such a dedicated agency or commission should be established to be monitoring the Firms toward real implementation of CSR.


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