Factors Inspiring the Emergence of Women Entrepreneurs in Sylhet City

  • Mohammad Kamrul Ahsan Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, Metropolitan University, Sylhet, Bangladesh
  • Obidulla Raju Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, Metropolitan University, Sylhet, Bangladesh
Keywords: Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship, Women Entrepreneurs, Motivational Factors.


This is basically a descriptive research paper. This research paper investigates the motivational factors among the women entrepreneurs of Sylhet City in Bangladesh. The main objective of this paper is to find out the cause of why they are in the field of entrepreneurs. The results of this paper will help researchers who are working in the field of entrepreneurs and motivations. The data were collected from the 68 women entrepreneurs from the different parts of Sylhet City. For this purpose, the structured closed-end questionnaire and random sampling method are used to collect the data. The researchers have used simple descriptive statistics, regression analysis and percentage to present the results with the help of Microsoft Excel 2016. This study discovered that self-recognition and economic necessities are the major factors to become entrepreneurs for them. 



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