[Expertise in Management of Technology and Innovation, Marketing, SMEs, and Development ]

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Associate Professor K. M. Anwarul Islam

Section Editors 

[Expertise in Management of Technology and Innovation, Marketing, SMEs and Development ]

Professor Dr. Abu Umar Faruq Ahmad 

Professor Dr. Adel M. Sarea

Professor Dr. Mário Augusto

Professor Dr. Ranjit Singh 

Professor Dr. Cristi Spulbar 

Professor Dr. Mohd Zaini Abd Karim 

Professor Dr. Ahmed Taha Al-Ajlouni 

Professor Dr. Prem Lal Joshi 

Professor Dr. Paolo Pietro Biancone

Professor Dr. Thamaraiselvan Natarajan 

Professor Dr. Suborna Barua

Associate Professor Dr. Chokri Kooli

Associate Professor Dr. Razana Juhaida Johari 

Associate Professor Dr. Ramona Orăștean 

Associate Professor Dr. Md. Moyazzem Hossain  

Associate Professor Dr. Nawaz Ahmad  

Associate Professor Dr. Majed Alharthi  

Associate Professor Dr. Francisco Jose Liebana Cabanillas

Associate Professor Dr. Preeti Sharma 

Assistant Professor Dr. Dariyoush Jamshidi  

Assistant Professor  Dr. Lutfa Ferdous 

Assistant Professor Dr. Sharif Mazumder 

Assistant Professor Dr. Uma Shankar Yadav

Dr. Umma Rumana Huq  

Dr. Muhammad Nazmul Hoque  

Dr. Mahbub Khan  

Dr. Kateryna Vorobyova

Dr. Ramona Birau

Editorial Staff

Dr. Arjantin, Executive Manager, IJSMEs, USA

Mr. Shohel, English Text Editor, IJSMEs, USA

Mrs.  Mahbuba, Website Manager, IJSMEs, USA

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 *Editorial Board updated on 17 August 2023.