A Review on Artificial Neural Networks and its’ Applicability

Keywords: Artificial Neural Networks, Artificial Neural Network Architectures, Artificial Neurons.


The field of artificial neural networks (ANN) started from humble beginnings in the 1950s but got attention in the 1980s. ANN tries to emulate the neural structure of the brain, which consists of several thousand cells, neuron, which is interconnected in a large network. This is done through artificial neurons, handling the input and output, and connecting to other neurons, creating a large network. The potential for artificial neural networks is considered to be huge, today there are several different uses for ANN, ranging from academic research in such fields as mathematics and medicine to business-based purposes and sports prediction. The purpose of this paper is to give words to artificial neural networks and to show its applicability. Documents analysis was used here as the data collection method. The paper figured out network structures, steps for constructing an ANN, architectures, and learning algorithms.


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