Special Issues Guidelines

The aim of publishing special issues is to provide a good medium for researchers from all over the world to share their valuable work and will contribute to the dissemination of scientific knowledge.

Preparation for Special Issues

Proposals for Special Issues should include the following:

(1) The journal in which the special issue is scheduled to be published;

(2) A concise and informative title for the special issue (no more than 15 words);

(3) Describe the aims and scope for the special issue;

(4) A brief editorial statement for the special issue;

(5) A list of the guest editors including their names, emails, affiliations;

(6) Timeline for publishing the special issue (submission deadline, the review process, publication date, etc). The Call for Papers for an approved special issue will be posted online once everything has been confirmed.

Main Responsibilities of Guest Editors

Allocate newly submitted papers to reviewers; Record status of all papers (acceptance/rejection/ revision and resubmission);

Main Responsibilities of Lead Guest Editor

Maintain the communication and coordination between the special issue editorial team and the publisher; Finalize the Call for Papers and all deadlines related to the publication of the special issue.

Open Special Issues

Please complete and send the Special Issue Proposal Form ( MS Word Format ) to [email protected] for further information and discussion.