An Assessment of the Impact of Internal Auditing on the Financial Management of Local Government: A Study of Katagum Local Government Area of Bauchi State

  • Ibrahim Aliyu Gololo Department of Accounting, Faculty of Social and Management Science, Bauchi State University Gadau, Bauchi, Nigeria
Keywords: Internal Auditing, Financial Management, Internal Control, Katagum Local Government Council.


This study examines the impact of internal auditing on the financial management of local government, with particular reference and attention to the katagum local government area of Bauchi state. Staff of internal audit, finance and account constitutes the population of the study from which a sample size of forty (40) respondents was selected based on convenience sampling method. Chi-square (x2) method was adopted as a statistical tool of data analysis to analyze the collected data. The result indicates that internal audit impact positively and significantly on the financial management of Katagum local government. It is recommended that internal audit unit of the Katagum local government should be allowed to fully access all the local government account and records, properties and investments files to carry out their duties diligently. Internal audit unit staff should also be allow attending workshops, seminars, conferences in order to broaden their knowledge.  Adequate independence should be given to the unit to discharge their duties without due interference and regular review of the whole system of internal control in the local government should be carried out.


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