Corporate Governance: An Islamic Institution Perspective

  • K. M. Anwarul Islam Department of Business Administration, The Millennium University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Orobah Ali Barghouthi Faculty of Business and Economics, Department of Banking & Finance, Alquds University, Abu Dis, Palestine.
Keywords: Islamic View, Corporate Governance, Financial Institution


This brings the paper into discussion, including its objectives, procedures, on some of the most important elements of corporate governance, including on tools. The resolution of the conflict of interests of the primary/agent in order to promote the interests of all One of the most important priorities is that of stakeholders, as well as the soundness and stability of the financial system. The Board of Directors, Senior Executive, shareholders and the depositors for this objective are the most important structures. The paper outlines the steps that need to be taken to improve the Board and management 's effectiveness and accountability. To encourage shareholders and depositors to play a higher role in protecting their own interests in the performance of their positions. Then, the article describes some of the popular resources available to make the Board and the Executive more efficient and responsible.

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Islam, K. M. A., & Barghouthi, O. A. (2017). Corporate Governance: An Islamic Institution Perspective. International Journal of Islamic Banking and Finance Research, 1(1), 29-32.
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