Article Processing Charges

How Much Does CRIBFB  Journals Charge for the Journal?
International Journal of Islamic Banking and Finance Research is an Open Access journal accessible for free on the Internet.
With Open Access, CRIBFB  Journals allows us to distribute knowledge more widely and
at a lower cost than was previously possible. However, to cover the editorial services and production of an
article, the journal depends on Article Processing Charge (APC).
Article Processing Charge  
    Publication fee            : US$ 120 (High Income Countries)
                                           : US$ 100 (Lower-Middle- Income Countries)
    Hard copy charge @   : US$ 50
    Shipping charge          : US$ 50 [Fast Express/DHL/TNT (4-15 Business Day)

The information of lower middle income countries is based on World Bank's classification. Learn more, click:

                For more details, please contact with the editor directly once the manuscript is accepted.

Lower-Middle-Income Countries
Angola Armenia Bangladesh Bhutan Bolivia
Cambodia Cameroon Cape Verde Congo Djibouti
East Timor Egypt El Salvador Federated States of Micronesia Georgia
Ghana Guatemala Honduras India Indonesia
Iran Ivory Coast Jordan Kenya Kiribati
Kyrgyzstan Laos Lesotho Mauritania Moldova
Mongolia Morocco Myanmar Nicaragua Nigeria
Pakistan Palestinian Territories Papua New Guinea Philippines Saint Helena and Dependencies
Sao Tome and Principe Solomon Islands South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Sri Lanka Sudan
Swaziland Syria Tajikistan Tunisia Ukraine
Uzbekistan Vanuatu Vietnam Yemen Zambia
Who is Responsible for Paying the Article Processing Charge?
Upon an article is editorially accepted, the corresponding author will be notified about the payment issue,
which is charged to either the author, or the funder, institution or employer.
When and How do Authors Pay?
The submitting author needs to arrange payment of the article-processing charge unless a waiver has been granted.
Following peer review, once a manuscript has received editorial acceptance in principle,the article-processing
charge becomes payable and formatting checks on the manuscript will commence.Once formatting checks
are completed, and payment of the article-processing charge has been received,the article will be published.

CRIBFB Journals currently supports the following payment methods(US Dollars):

(1) Western Union Money Transfer

(2) MoneyGram

(3)Xpress Money

 (4) Wall Street Exchange Centre LLC., Dubai

(5) Wall Street Forex London

 (6) National Exchange Company srl. Italy

(7) Zenj Exchange Co. W.L.L. (Turbo Cash) Bahrain

 (8) Ria Money Transfer

(9) Al Ahalia Money Exchange Bureau

(10) Arabian Exchange Company

 (11) IME (M) Sdn. Bhd.

(12) Money Exchange SA

(13) NEC Money Transfer Ltd

 (14) Depositing Fees Directly by Near Bank Branch to the Account Given in Acceptance Letter