International Journal of Islamic Business & Management Centre for Research on Islamic Banking & Finance and Business en-US International Journal of Islamic Business & Management 2576-7674 Ideas of Sheikh Isma’il Idris Bin Zakariyya: Legacy for Progressive Contemporary Islamic Movement <p>This paper discussed the role and ideas of Sheikh Isma’il Idris in religionand politics in Nigeria. It is very paramount that Islamic scholars are considered to be relevant in modelling the minds of Muslims Ummah towards participation in politics and electoral process. Therefore, this article highlights the major contributions made by this Islamic scholar and outlines his role in terms of revivalism during his life-time and beyond. This is accomplished by investigating his major works and his teachings especially in shaping participation in political circle so as to ensure that Muslims are participated in the political and electoral process in Nigeria. In his political thought, Sheikh Idris believed strongly in Muslim’s participation in politics and governance as against the otherviewsof anti-democratic arguments. His major concern is to encourage Muslims Ummah particularly the youths to participate in government activities in order to protect the interest of their religion considering the diverse nature of the country. Hence, assessing his role and ideas will significantly improve our understanding of Islamization movement towards determining social reality, justice and equity along Islamic ethics and values.</p> Ibrahim Suleiman ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-08-22 2018-08-22 2 2 1 8 Attaining Financial Inclusion through Ijarah Contract: Assessing the Potentials of Ijarah-Wa-Iqtina in Venture Financing of Tricycles in Kano Metropolis, Kano State, Nigeria <p>Ijarah-wa-iqtina, also known as Al-Ijarah Thummal Al-Bay (AITAB) is a leasing contract where the ownership of the leased asset is transferred to the lessee at the end of the leasing contract. With the inception of Ja’iz Bank Nigeria Plc, the product has grown in the Ja’iz Bank’s housing and auto-finance. Despite this popularity, majority of small scale businesses especially tricycle operators in Kano metropolis are still not aware of the product and the benefits attached to it. This research assesses the potentials of Ijarah-wa-iqtina in financing tricycle operation in Kano using a multiple regression model from a sample of 311 respondents. The study found myriad of problems associated with conventional mode financing arrangements prior to ijarah-wa-iqtina. It was also established that religious inclinations of respondents have strong influence on potential benefits from switching to ijarah-wa-iqtina. The paper recommends that Islamic financial institutions and well-to-do business persons in Kano metropolis on the need to promote both formal and non-formal Islamic finance among tricycles operators via ijarah-wa-iqtina.</p> Muhammad Bako Shehu U. R. Aliyu ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-11-14 2018-11-14 2 2 9 18 Influence of Religiopoliticology and Duressed Womankind: Perspective Bangladesh <p style="text-align: justify;">The world is continuing at its own orbiting and fugitive for the adamboma or bomb of Adam in the womankind and mankind, who are classified into the four generations, and they are religious world, nonreligious world, scientist world and humanitarian world but the people of Bangladesh are in the same kind like the world people to find out God and how they use religions, which is that have discussed by this paper. Bangladesh is a land of ice-aged. It has ancient beliefs, fear, and faiths, which are convinced on the inter-ward eyes, concise and understanding. The original people of her are Non-Aryan. Aryans come to here from the Persian and Middle East countries in the caravan of the rules of the chronology, many foreigners who come to Bengal, they are Greeks, Europeans, and Africans, all of them capture Bengali and they rule Bengal. They snatch away their own land, language, culture, economics, politics, beliefs, and love-nets. Here makes up all official religions, someone is downtrodden by them who remake apartheid in the society of Bengal, this is why they are de-throne from their own land, and they try to live as a freedom where they make up folk-religions. Bengalees learn the foreigners’ religions and they convert into these official religions. The rulers of Bengal rule them as following the religious doctrines only for getting votes when they need to play political power playing and that is why they use them. They use many styles of God theory. The Bengalees, they can how to use the orders of God that will be sought out in this paper. This paper seeks that how the cultic dynamics radicalization runs in Bangladesh and what is the best concept of God in Bangladesh. All people live in equal in the land of God in Bangladesh that empirically applies, for the globe.</p> Md. Kohinoor Hossain ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-12-17 2018-12-17 2 2 19 31 Review of the Literatures on Stock Price Behavior of Malaysia <p>Stock price behavior is one of the core concerns of researchers and finance scholars from more than a half-century of years. Most of the times, they have tried to identify unexplored anomalies that could be used to explain stock price movement in the different stock market. As a result, we have found different models and theories relating to stock price behavior as well as the efficiency of the stock market. Malaysian stock market is considered the second among the largest South East Asian stock markets according to its domestic market capitalization. A considerable number of researches have already been done on the stock price behavior of Malaysian stock market. This study reviews the existing literatures on the stock price behavior of Malaysian stock markets within two wings, literatures on efficient market hypothesis of Malaysian market and the effect of economic and financial variables on the stock price.&nbsp;</p> Fatima Ruhani Md. Aminul Islam Tunku Salha Tunku Ahmad ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-12-19 2018-12-19 2 2 32 38 Islamic Insurance in Bangladesh: Performance, Problems and Prospects <p>Islamic insurance companies can provide efficient takaful services to the nation if they had the opportunity to work as a sole system in an economy. But in Bangladesh, Insurance companies are operating their activities under the dual framework both of conventional and Islamic framework monitored by the Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority (IDRA). This paper focuses key issues, technical issues and Challenges facing the Takaful industry in Bangladesh. Key Issues and Challenges are Scarcity of human resources with both insurance and Shariah expertise, Lack of standardization in the industry that is due to Shariah interpretations, diverging regulatory approaches and the lack of centralized regulations and shortage of suitable assets. In addition, there are various technical issues within the takaful industry, which may be relevant in the valuation and risk management of takaful business. Some of the technical issues are riba, issues around retakaful, too much stress on profit distribution and lengthy procedure in claim’s settlement. Some main benefits of Islamic insurance practices in Bangladesh are mobilization of savings<strong>, </strong>islamically approved (Halal) investment opportunity<strong>, </strong>opportunity to perform good deeds and to do charitable works, and distribution of Zakat.</p> Serajul Islam Tania Sultana ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-12-30 2018-12-30 2 2 39 53