Indian Journal of Finance and Banking 2020-10-14T19:07:33+00:00 Managing Editorial Board Open Journal Systems ADR ON CLIENT’S DISPUTE WITH TRADING MEMBER AT THE LEADING STOCK EXCHANGE IN INDIA: AN EMPIRICAL STUDY 2020-10-14T19:07:33+00:00 Bezawada Brahmaiah <p>The paper evaluates trading rules and regulations of the Stock Exchange in cash segment of the stock market in India. The paper adopts case method to study the trading rules and practices of trading members of the Exchange. It investigates the stock market’s misuses and abuses by the trading members. The paper provides guidance for the appropriate regulatory framework to Indian securities market and ensures investors’ protection. The results may be generalized in the emerging markets. Hence, researchers are encouraged to study results further in other developed countries. The paper finds that these practices are not only violation of trading rules of the Stock Exchange but also unfair and unethical trading practices.</p> 2020-10-14T16:00:54+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## AN EMPIRICAL REVIEW ON THE GRADUATE ATTRIBUTES AND READINESS FOR EMPLOYABILITY AMONG THE ENGINEERING GRADUATES IN THE HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS (HEIs) 2020-10-14T19:07:19+00:00 Masoud Rashid Al Hinai Abul Bashar Bhuiyan Nor Azilah Husin <p><em>The graduates’ readiness for employability has become a major issue for HEIs in the world due to growing concern from governments and industries on the quality of the graduates. As thus, this paper intends to determine the most required skills for Engineering graduate’s readiness for employability. Therefore, the main objective of the current study is to determine the skills required for Graduates’ Readiness for Employability for Engineering graduates. Specifically, this study intends to review the most current literature to specify the most required skills for the readiness of Engineering Graduates for Employability in the Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) in the world. The study reviews the current literature on graduates’ readiness for employability especially for engineering graduates as the main source of information. The study is designed to analyze and determine the engineering graduates’ readiness for employability required skills. The literature utilized for this study covers the latest literature (from 2014 to 2019) extracted from Google Scholar, ProQuest, and Scopus. The three main keywords used were ‘higher education’, ‘employability skills ‘or ‘readiness for employability skills, and ‘skills gap in the world. The study determines the engineering graduates’ readiness for employability required skills for the HEIs in the world. It analyses the most influential required skills for the graduate readiness for employability that will be considered as an empirical study on the graduates of the engineering colleges in the world. The study conceptualizes graduate readiness for employability requirements from the latest literature and papers. The results of the study will fill the gap in understanding the main required engineering graduates’ readiness for employability skills in the world. This study is intended to determine the most required graduates’ readiness for employability skills for engineering in the HEIs in the world. Besides, it will be used to advise a policy guideline for HEIs and researchers for the understanding of graduates’ readiness for employability skills requirements in the HEIs in the world.</em></p> <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> 2020-10-14T16:16:26+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## PROFITABILITY OF ISLAMIC BANKS: A PANEL DATA ANALYSIS 2020-10-14T19:07:13+00:00 Amine Bakkeri Abdelhakim Ben Ali <p><em>This article aims to examine the impact of internal and external factors on the profitability of 30 Islamic banks operating in the Middle East and North Africa over a period from 2005 till 2018. We use the OLS method according to Panel data. Empirical results indicate that the quality of management, liquidity, and capitalization, quality of services, the presence of women and the competence of staff are significant determinants of profitability. The other determinants including diversification, size and inflation have no significant effect on the Islamic banks' profitability.</em></p> <p><strong>JEL Classification Codes: G21, G24, C33, D02.</strong></p> 2020-10-14T16:28:48+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## CRITICAL DIMENSIONS OF WELL-BEING IN SELANGOR, MALAYSIA 2020-10-14T19:06:56+00:00 Nor Azilah Husin Fahmi Ngah Astri Yulia Zainal Azhar Zainal Azim Amirul Syafiq Mohd Ghazali <p><em>Selangor is leading the other thirteen states in Malaysia in the economy, making it one of the most preferred places to stay for its economic flourish, employment prospect, great infrastructure, and excellent facilities. Selangor is ranked the highest by contributing 23% of its National Gross National Product to Malaysia. Nevertheless, for social indicators, Selangor ranked fourth in the country. Social development was not at par with the fast-growing economy and the extensive physical developments that take place. Thus, the objective of this paper is to identify the critical dimensions of Selangorians’ well-being. We adapted a questionnaire from a Gallup survey and distributed it about 1500 questionnaires to people in Selangor using random and non-proportionate stratified sampling in twelve (12) municipalities of the state. We employed SPSS 22.0 for descriptive results and Smart PLS 3.0 for the structural equation modeling. The finding revealed that the economic dimension (t-values =5.141), environment dimension (t-values =6.668), health dimension (t-value=5.092), and spiritual dimension (t-values= 4.969) were significant to well-being except for emotion dimension (t-values =0.283). This finding provides insights to practitioners, local authorities, and policymakers of the state government in enhancing Selangorians’ quality of life and well-being. </em></p> <p><strong>JEL Classification Codes: &nbsp;</strong>I31, I38.</p> 2020-10-14T17:10:47+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## THE REVIEW ON THE EFFECT OF THE RESOURCES MANAGEMENT ATTRIBUTES AND AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE EFFICIENCY OF THE AVIATION INDUSTRIES IN OMAN 2020-10-14T19:06:42+00:00 Said Hamed Al Rawahi Zaharuzaman Bin Jamaluddin Abul Bashar Bhuiyan <p><em>As the aircraft maintenance is one of the very essential resources to enhance the aircraft productivities those facilities such as spears, human, and financial add to that the organizational factors in which will help to make the maintenance more efficient and safe because the safety is the priority part in maintenance in which the organization should take in consideration</em>. <em>The main purpose of the study is to investigate existing available literature for determining of relevant factors that have cause and effects on the ensuring of aircraft maintenance efficiency in the aviation industry in Oman. Therefore, the study uses available sources of existing literature explored to covers from Google Scholar, ProQuest, and Scopus, and other online resources. Based on this extensive review, the study determined the resource management attributes and aircraft maintenance efficiency and have moderating role effective planning and internal control in the aviation industry in the sultanate of Oman. The summary review findings of the study will fill the gap in the existing body knowledge especially prime factors affecting the attainment of aircraft maintenance efficiency, resource management attributes, effective planning and ‘internal control and aircraft maintenance in the aviation industry in the sultanate of Oman. The study recommends for policy guideline for ensuring of determining of relevant factors that have cause and effects on the ensuring of aircraft maintenance efficiency in the aviation industry in Oman.</em></p> <p><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p> 2020-10-14T17:27:24+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##