Distance Learning Programs
Centre for Research on Islamic Banking & Finance and Business is proud to offer highly structured and innovatively designed Distance Learning Programs with an interactive methodology under the supervision of renowned professors, Shariah scholars and Professionals. These programs are particularly designed for the individuals who do not have time from their busy schedules to attend the classes and consequently miss the opportunities to sharpen and polish their expertise.
We offer:
  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance(PGDIBF). ***Duration-1 Year
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance(PGDBF). ***Duration-1 Year
  3. Post Graduate Diploma in HRM(PGDHRM). ***Duration-1 Year
  4. Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management (PGDSCM) . ***Duration-1 Year
  5. Post Graduate Diploma for Project Management Professionals (PGDPMP) . ***Duration-1 Year
  6. Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Brand Management (PGDMBM) . ***Duration-1 Year
  7. Post Graduate Diploma in Finance & International Accounting (PGDFIA) . ***Duration-1 Year

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