Future Growth Potential of Thomas Cook India Limited in Authorized Dealer Retail/ Whole Sale Foreign Exchange Business in Thrissur District of Kerala

  • Nisa. S TKM Institute of Management, Musaliar Hills, Karuvelil P.O, Kollam, Kerala, India
  • Arjun Lal TKM Institute of Management, Musaliar Hills, Karuvelil P.O, Kollam, Kerala, India
Keywords: SMEs, Future Growth, Whole Sale Foreign Exchange Business


Liberalization radically changed India’s Foreign Exchange sectors the trade  habit  and  transaction  related  to  the  business  has  become  more international. The business and education with its new makes the foreign exchange sector more and more competent.The variation in the foreign exchange rate makes very big effect in the economy of the country as well as business.  That is why it is considered as most sensitive part of the international business. In the emerging economy like India has tremendous opportunity for the foreign exchange business. Most of the companies in India going to internationally for expand market, increase profit and reduce risk.Thomas Cook India Limited is the most dominant company in the field of foreign exchange services. The supreme brand image of the company and the circumstances  in  the  foreign  exchange  system  of  India  comes  to  generate various  dimensions.  Moving  with  the  phases  of  the  globalization  there  are occurred  a  series  of  changes  in  the  field  of  foreign  exchange  services.  To expand the business of any company the Market survey is very essential.


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