International Journal of Islamic Business & Management

International Journal of Islamic Business & Management (IJIBM) is an international, double-blind peer-reviewed journal for Islamic business & management academics. IJIBM aims is to provide to the field of Islamic business & management such as:

Takaful,Takaful Products and Instruments, Islamic Management ,Islamic Economics,Islamic lLaw and Society,Islamic Brotherhood,Islamic Marketing, Islamic Human Resource Management, Islamic Organizational Behaviour, Work Ethics, Business Ethics, Islamic Micro Finance, Islamic Financial Markets, Islamic Financial Institutions, Trade with the Islamic world ,The Muslim consumer and consumption patterns, Islamic branding and positioning, Islamic franchising, retail and distribution channels Islamic marketing mix, Islamic market segmentation, Islamic pharmaceuticals and healthcare, Islamic lifestyles, hospitality, fashion and entertainment, Current trends in Islamic markets, Commercialising Islam and Islamisation of commerce, Global events and the Muslim consumer, Halal markets and halal supply chains, Islamic finance and Islamic microfinance, e-Marketing in Islamic markets, Islamic innovation and entrepreneurship,contemporary islamic movement etc.

International Journal of Islamic Business & Management currently has an acceptance rate of 14%. The average time between submission and final decision is 20 days and the average time between acceptance and publication is 30 days.


The publisher and journal have a policy of “Zero Tolerance on the Plagiarism”. We check the plagiarism issue through two methods: reviewer check and plagiarism prevention tool (

All submissions will be checked by iThenticate before being sent to reviewers.

Keep a Similarity Index <30% and single source matches are not >6%