Challenges Faced in Full Establishment of Islamic Banking System in Nigeria

Zainab Idris


Islamic banking in Nigeria is still at its infant stage and surrounded by a lot of challenges and set bank. It is important to note that despite the huge number of Muslims population in the country, little progress has been made in ensuring its full take off and operationalization. The paper there examines the challenges Islamic banking is faced with in Nigeria. Through review of past studies, the paper the paper identify factors like; Problem of Competition with dominant conventional banks, Problem of Competition with dominant conventional banks, Double taxation and others as the major challenges of Islamic banking in Nigeria. However the paper, the paper recommends that Islamic banking and finance in Nigeria offers a huge investment opportunity for both domestic and foreign investors what is most needed to achieve this, is for all stakeholders to collaborate in a way that a structured, functional and sustainable Islamic banking model will be formulated and communicated widely so as to gain general acceptability. Furthermore, the paper will serve as a guide to investors by pointing the problems the Islamic banking sector is facing in Nigeria.

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