Small and Medium Scale Enterprises, Employment and Income Generation in Nigeria: A Focus on Professional Sports Viewing and Betting Centers

Emmanuel O. Okon


Given Nigeria’s high unemployment and poverty figures and the expected roles from SMEs, the Nigerian government had in the past devised policies and incentives for the development of small and medium scale Enterprises. In spite of all these efforts by the government, both at federal, state, and local government levels, to ensure the growth of SMEs in Nigeria, some key factors have been claimed to be responsible for their perceived failure in Nigeria. However, this paper focuses on new SMEs that have emerged in the form of professional sports and betting centers which are creating jobs and generated income in Nigeria and Africa in general. The sport and betting center businesses like any SME require serious attention so that their developmental role and sustainability will provide the much needed sustainable development of Nigeria with regard to job and wealth creation. This paper examines the challenges and way forward for sport viewing and betting centre businesses in Nigeria.

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