Clinical Evaluation of the Method of Active Abdominal Drainage in General Peritonitis Rancid

Shaposhnikov V.I.


Acute general putrid peritonitis refers to the severe inflammation of the peritoneum. He is constantly accompanied by jendotoksicheskim shock and progressive multiple organ failure. Macro and micro blood circulation in tissues and organs of the abdominal cavity Portal vein system is blocked from the first minutes the development of pathological process and toxins and nedookislennye metabolic products accumulate in them. For their removal requires efferent methods of treatment, one of which suggests the author of this article. Technical and physical techniques against a backdrop of complex drug therapy perpetrated as cleansing and forcible blood vessels promotion portal system. In this way manage to restore homeostasis. For developing this method, he was extradited to USSR patent (No. 1787036, dated March 7, 1991). To confirm the effectiveness of the proposed method of treatment, the author describes the clinical observations.

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DOI: 10.54655/aijmsr.v1n2p33

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