The Leading Global Experiences in the Application of Equitable Economy and Solidarity

Aied Malika, Abdelli Mohammed El Amine


This study is designed to highlight the important role of the growing role played by the equitable economy and solidarity in building a balanced and integrated into the society, characterized by the values of solidarity in the framework of the spirit of the voluntary contribution and the spirit of the personal initiative, as well as the principles of equity and social justice that seeks this economy established and consolidated, the study found that the pilot experiences for both the state of Canada, Ecuador, Brazil, Finland, France, Spain, the reputation and excellence by relying primarily on the legal framework for this sector and organized the second degree of integration of all segments of society in the form of labor organizations for each category but every geographical region, the study recommended in the end to adopt the principle of integration and horizontal and vertical cooperation between these organizations in order to achieve effectiveness More competitive.

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DOI: 10.54655/aesr.v2n2p1

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